Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Color of Royalty

Treat yourself like a queen! Any time I go to a formal party I dont usually want to be noticed by the amount of color on my clothes. I love my black and white attire because it always looks elegant and classy. When I am feeling like I need to add color, I use the perfect pair of shoes.

What would be more perfect than the color of royalty! A dark blue or deep purple is a perfect match for any occasion. Don't be mistaken, these colors match with almost anything. weather its casual or formal it is a perfect fit and can make any outfit look just a bit more classy than before.

The best way to do this? I like a shoe like Manolo Blahnik's: Something Blue. The material is satin so it brings out that extra shine along with a square gemed embellishment. The dark blue color gives it that amazing elegance so you can wear it anywhere!

No wonder it was made famous by our favorite movie! Sex and the City!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

All that Glitters is Gold

The new year is bringing in many new styles and trends. What's going to be hot this season? GLITTER!

Nothing says fresh start like sparkles and bright colors and glitter. I don't mean add some more eye shadow or body mist, I mean your wardrobe! Or better yet, your shoes! whether it be heels, flats or even on sneakers; there will be glitter walking around everywhere this year. It is the best way to look elegant while adding some sparkle to your step.

You might ask: Is the look going to be overboard? No, as long as wear only one article of clothing (your shoes) with glitter and the rest without, you will look amazing and wear it for any occasion.

Preferably, I would pick a gold tone because it is more of a warming glow. They do, however, make glittery shoes in all sorts of colors. Blue, silver, pink, purple, you name it, they make it. You can even find the infamous pair that our old friend Dorothy wore when she wished to go back home (another instance where glittery shoes are magical)!