Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jungle Fever

Has anyone else noticed that everything is made in leopard print?

That is because it is one of the biggest fashion trends right now and it's so obvious why! This new craze is gorgeous and wild all in one. The only problem is that sometimes people don't realize less is more when it comes to this untamed print. This might be a reason as to why so many turn away from it. So often you will see

girls on TV who wear a cheetah blazer and cheetah leggings. Of course no one wants to look like that. It's ridiculous!
The Trick?
You guessed it! There is just enough cheetah print in a single pair of shoes.

You can wear these kittens with just about anything. Your favorite "Little Black Dress" or some tight jeans and a blazer are a perfect outfit for these shoes. Also, colors are gorgeous to wear with them, but make sure to stick with darker colors so the shoes will stand out! Too many bright colors such as hot pink or turquoise could be too much. Stick with a darker tone such as Red or Royal Blue.

Ok, so I have ranted over and over about making a statement with your shoes, but leopard/cheetah print is just straight up sexy. This design is perfect for a night out with the girls or a hot date. Slip into these bad boys and you'll instantly feel fierce and sexy.

So, forget about all your insecurities! These shoes will make you feel like a predator on the inside and out and really bring out your feline instincts!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Black Shoe Depression

My mother does something that many women are guilty of. She buys the same shoes over and over again. No, they may not be the same brand, but somehow the same style and color shoe make its way into her closet. It's like opening a door of dullness when there should be a bright light and variety of color representing a huge window of opportunity waiting for you to grab it.

She always picks the same 2.5 inch heels, leather black booties. Why?
"Because they are comfortable and they match with everything."

Here is a little secret that you may not know:     Shoes don't need to be the same colors as your outfit to match!
Also, black, brown and gray are not the only neutral colors!
I am not saying wear bright pink heels to work, but a royal blue or turquoise would be a great shoe to wear with a gray or charcoal suit. Wearing a brighter or more colorful shoe says to other people "recognize me" and still looks professional. It may sound silly, but think about if you would notice it on someone else. The answer is: Yes you would!

It's not just about the color of shoe, but also the style. If you work in a big city and you have to walk to the metro station three blocks away, don't turn down a pair of flats or short wedges because you don't think it looks professional. Change it up! You want to catch the office hunks eye? Here's how: Stand next to him one day in high heels and again the next day in flats. He will be sure to notice the height difference, and have to start a conversation probably starting with, "weren't you taller yesterday?" Don't be offended by it, he  noticed, so flirt back!

Next time you are at the Department store looking at those shameful shoes, stop yourself. Look for a bold pair of shoes that will brighten up your work day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Woman and Her Shoes

Every woman is beautiful in her own way from head to toe. Actually, all a woman really need to feel sexy is a head of silky hair wearing nothing but a pair of high heels. Now no one is suggesting that you should go out in this lack of attire, however, wearing a pair of strappy heels can get any man's blood flowing.

Now this isn't about how to look sexy in bed, but rather a guide about how a simple pair of shoes can not only change the way you look, but also how you feel.
Here is a test:

Find three different types of shoes. For example: Flats, Pumps, and Fur boots.

Try each pair on and notice the difference in the way it makes you feel about yourself.

The flats, while comfortable, still look and feel cute and flirty, but not as sexy as the pumps. When you try on the pumps, notice that you might stand with better posture. You might even be guilty of posing more than you would in those pair of flats. Now, when you try on the fur boots you get a sense of coziness and security.

So you can see, shoes are not only an obsession for many women, but it is also an expression of yourself.
So make a statement!