Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jungle Fever

Has anyone else noticed that everything is made in leopard print?

That is because it is one of the biggest fashion trends right now and it's so obvious why! This new craze is gorgeous and wild all in one. The only problem is that sometimes people don't realize less is more when it comes to this untamed print. This might be a reason as to why so many turn away from it. So often you will see

girls on TV who wear a cheetah blazer and cheetah leggings. Of course no one wants to look like that. It's ridiculous!
The Trick?
You guessed it! There is just enough cheetah print in a single pair of shoes.

You can wear these kittens with just about anything. Your favorite "Little Black Dress" or some tight jeans and a blazer are a perfect outfit for these shoes. Also, colors are gorgeous to wear with them, but make sure to stick with darker colors so the shoes will stand out! Too many bright colors such as hot pink or turquoise could be too much. Stick with a darker tone such as Red or Royal Blue.

Ok, so I have ranted over and over about making a statement with your shoes, but leopard/cheetah print is just straight up sexy. This design is perfect for a night out with the girls or a hot date. Slip into these bad boys and you'll instantly feel fierce and sexy.

So, forget about all your insecurities! These shoes will make you feel like a predator on the inside and out and really bring out your feline instincts!


  1. Nice Blog! I love animal print shoes!!! Thank you for your comment!


  2. love the shoes, they're the perfect way to top off any outfit!

  3. love these :)! great blog! xx