Friday, November 18, 2011

A Woman and Her Shoes

Every woman is beautiful in her own way from head to toe. Actually, all a woman really need to feel sexy is a head of silky hair wearing nothing but a pair of high heels. Now no one is suggesting that you should go out in this lack of attire, however, wearing a pair of strappy heels can get any man's blood flowing.

Now this isn't about how to look sexy in bed, but rather a guide about how a simple pair of shoes can not only change the way you look, but also how you feel.
Here is a test:

Find three different types of shoes. For example: Flats, Pumps, and Fur boots.

Try each pair on and notice the difference in the way it makes you feel about yourself.

The flats, while comfortable, still look and feel cute and flirty, but not as sexy as the pumps. When you try on the pumps, notice that you might stand with better posture. You might even be guilty of posing more than you would in those pair of flats. Now, when you try on the fur boots you get a sense of coziness and security.

So you can see, shoes are not only an obsession for many women, but it is also an expression of yourself.
So make a statement!


  1. this is so true.just like when u wear a sexy underwear, no one can see it but it makes u feel sassier & sexier