Monday, November 21, 2011

The Black Shoe Depression

My mother does something that many women are guilty of. She buys the same shoes over and over again. No, they may not be the same brand, but somehow the same style and color shoe make its way into her closet. It's like opening a door of dullness when there should be a bright light and variety of color representing a huge window of opportunity waiting for you to grab it.

She always picks the same 2.5 inch heels, leather black booties. Why?
"Because they are comfortable and they match with everything."

Here is a little secret that you may not know:     Shoes don't need to be the same colors as your outfit to match!
Also, black, brown and gray are not the only neutral colors!
I am not saying wear bright pink heels to work, but a royal blue or turquoise would be a great shoe to wear with a gray or charcoal suit. Wearing a brighter or more colorful shoe says to other people "recognize me" and still looks professional. It may sound silly, but think about if you would notice it on someone else. The answer is: Yes you would!

It's not just about the color of shoe, but also the style. If you work in a big city and you have to walk to the metro station three blocks away, don't turn down a pair of flats or short wedges because you don't think it looks professional. Change it up! You want to catch the office hunks eye? Here's how: Stand next to him one day in high heels and again the next day in flats. He will be sure to notice the height difference, and have to start a conversation probably starting with, "weren't you taller yesterday?" Don't be offended by it, he  noticed, so flirt back!

Next time you are at the Department store looking at those shameful shoes, stop yourself. Look for a bold pair of shoes that will brighten up your work day!

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  1. cute blog! and i totally agree with this post ^_^! i absolutely love shoes :) especially sam edelmans like the one pictured! edelmans are so comfy! i have like 5 pairs :)

    elle xx